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3/12/13 4:09:30PM
A TWITTER troll was forced into backing down after the boxer he was taunting discovered his address and threatened to arrive on his doorstep.

British Boxer Curtis Woodhouse was the target of the online abuse from Twitter user jimmyob88 – who quickly backed down when he realised that Curtis wanted to confront him in person...

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3/12/13 4:17:14PM
I'd apologize too! What a chump!
3/12/13 4:21:11PM
3/12/13 4:39:01PM
Beat me to it! We have a local Shock/Sports Jock on The X. Mark Madden he worked with WCW as well. He always talks shit and tells ppl to come down to the station. I have no clue how nothing has happened to this point. Hes like a 450 lb fat ass with grey hair.
3/12/13 4:47:55PM
3/12/13 5:40:52PM
I've always wanted to see something like this.
3/12/13 7:36:59PM
Why wasn't it Todd
3/12/13 11:36:26PM

Posted by jjeans

Why wasn't it Todd

because boxing isn't gay and fake like MMA is
3/12/13 11:54:04PM
He must have been hanging around Jay and Silent Bob
3/13/13 12:58:50AM
Glad to see good ole' Todd is still trucking along..

3/13/13 1:07:52AM
Imagine opening the door and Mike Tyson is there holding a pigeon telling you to "kith it".

3/13/13 2:10:45AM
i just read this today too and thought this reminds me of that Chuck Norris mtn dew it woulda been better if that person came out, world star moment..LOL..