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3/13/13 12:45:51AM
Two of the more outspoken MMA fighters out there clashed a bit on twitter today.

3/13/13 1:33:01AM
Very lame twitter beef here.
3/13/13 1:40:52AM
Bisping destroyed him. He has over 150k Twitter followers to Askens mere 15k. Asken can't even defend the fact that his style is to be as boring as possible, he's in the minor league, and that suit was way too big.
3/13/13 7:35:57AM
Hahahah "Your granddad s suit doesn't quite fit you" this was the nail in Askrins coffin.

Pretty lame though, but Bisping also made me laugh whith the comment about focusing on fighting in a league where lombart is literally unbeatable.
3/13/13 1:55:32PM
Askren needs to stop beating cans up.
Reason why bellator didn't want Fitch there to school him
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