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POLL: will he man up?
yes 56% (18)
no 44% (14)
2/1/09 6:06:49PM
its actually pretty gross, I feel bad for the other people that have to look at it.
2/1/09 8:10:53PM
It could have been worse, well I don't know which one is worse actually.

EDIT: Pic removed after further consideration.
2/1/09 10:25:26PM
I'd prolly get into trouble for that one with the mods.
2/2/09 1:48:40PM
Whoever made that av for Twenty20Dollars, please make a different one without using the current picture or similar. I'm getting some complaints/concerns about it, and upon closer examination I give it a thumbs down, so a new more appropriate one needs to be done ASAP.
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