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10/19/12 7:33:53PM
La Bamba is on. Waiting for MrsSpiderSilva and now she is gonna have to wait to go out cause I fucking love this movie.
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10/19/12 7:38:10PM
Love the movie as well, been one of my favorites ever since I was a kid. Even own the dvd.
10/19/12 7:42:53PM
I can't prop you buffalodave. must spred love but

Here's a bit of a rattlesnake
10/19/12 7:58:15PM
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10/19/12 9:06:38PM
I love this classic movie almost as much as the Karate Kid.
10/19/12 10:17:32PM
2nd best Lou diamond Phillips movie
Runner up to young guns
10/20/12 4:36:54AM
Watched this movie so Damn much growing up, had a crush on Donna and drove my dad nuts singing the song. Favorite part is when him and his brother are running up the hill and his brother acts like his hands hurt and then flips him off
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