TUF9: USA VS UK Whos on it????

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9/17/08 9:35:54PM
Ok so now we know that will be are new Ultimate fighter, I caught Middleweights, But missed the other weight so someone please add!

Who will be the coaches I wonder?? And Will it be a belt V belt or more like season 4 and just about contenders?? I dont know, Thats why I made this.
9/17/08 9:38:02PM
Hendo and Bisbing??
9/17/08 9:59:45PM
Welter. Should be interesting, but like i said in the other thread, any american guys coming in with a strong wrestling background should do really well, becouse wrestlings an area i just cant see the u.k ever being on the same level as the u.s at.
9/18/08 1:11:19AM
I don't think it will be a US coach vs a UK coach unless they don't do a title fight at the end. Bisbing is the only UK fighter who could arguably get a title fight and he doesn't deserve one and plus he is already fighting someone.
9/18/08 1:35:40AM
Ufc needs heavyweights. they should do that weight class
9/18/08 1:37:38AM
I think USA will dominate next tuf. Bisping, paul kelly and Paul Daley have been the only 3 UK fighters that have impressed me. TUF 3 has ross pointon on there and he was terrible. James Thompson Well we all know how good he is, not. Nothin against people from the UK but I think they are brawlers more than anything else, not the smartest way to fight.
Bisping will definitly be the UK coach. but not sure who USA coach will be, possibly hendo
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