TUF9 - Ross Pointon to make shock return to TUF trials

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10/16/08 8:28:47PM
Ross “The Gladiator” Pointon was last seen by UFC fans at Ultimate Fight Night 8, defeated that night by lightweight rising star, Rich Clementi in the second round. Well he could be about to re-emerge.

Following mixed success back in England with the Cage Rage promotion, Pointon has been lined up to make his UFC comeback on the next season of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality season, TUF9 - UK vs USA.

This sensational move would see the UFC snatch Pointon from under his current employers noses and reunite him, more than likely, with old friend and rival, UFC middleweight star, Michael “The Count” Bisping, who won the season the two competed on back in 2006.


That's basically the whole story. No need for the link. I would have put it in for news if it wasn't from the MMABAY.
10/16/08 8:37:08PM
pretty clear talent from the UK is lacking
10/16/08 8:52:38PM
Can't be serious.
10/16/08 9:07:37PM
i just pissed myself laughing. i must say though, pointon is pretty entertaining and he isn't afraid to go out there and get knocked out in less than a minute by anybody.
10/16/08 10:28:56PM
Ill fight ross pointon.

I will probably lose.....but I will have as good as chance as.....anybody..
10/17/08 1:09:53AM
i liked ross, but not as a fighter ..."know what i mean?" haha
10/17/08 1:37:37AM
TUF 9 will prolly have the lowest ratings out of all the TUF's

UK doesnt have the deepest talent pool.
10/17/08 9:27:48AM
I think that's pretty cool, but if he's on the show he won't get past the prelims, and if they do the 32 man thing(I don't know if they are or not) he probably won't make it in the house.

But I said, so I'll say it again WAR POINTON
10/17/08 9:35:02AM
To be fair, Ross has improved since being in the UFC. However, I have to agree that he is still not a UFC-caliber fighter.
10/19/08 9:13:57AM
You lot are being dissrespectful mugs, you have no idea what you're talking about, Ross has looked extremely impressive in his last 2 fights, he has improved a HUGE amount and has both superb striking and submissions, IMO he'd be one of the favourites to win the show.
10/19/08 11:08:46AM
i wondered if he would tryout for the USAvs UK TUF. He can take punishment with the best of em. Who knows maybe he really has improved that much, we'll see.
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