"TUF7" Blog: C.B. Dollaway discusses episode No. 1

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4/3/08 7:31:05PM
Imagine putting your training, girlfriend, everything on hold because you were able to pursue your dream.

For a select few and me, we got that chance -- or so we thought.

When I was told I was selected for "The Ultimate Fighter 7," I was told the basics, which included: don't tell anyone, be here by this date, and be ready to go. There were no caveats, but also as I think back, there were not a lot of "welcome aboard" or "glad to have you" comments being made either. It would of stood out, but my trainers and of course my family were telling me congrats and all and filling my head with positive thoughts.

4/3/08 7:49:44PM
what i really need right now is more "man drama" in my life
4/4/08 1:57:25AM
Finally AZ is going to get some good representation on this TUF!
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