TUF 10’s Zak Jensen Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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10/30/09 9:58:14PM
The Stillwater Gazette has reported that the family of the late Josh Gunderson filed a wrongful death lawsuit against The Ultimate Fighter 10 cast member Zak Jensen in a Washington County Court late Thursday, along with a man by the name of Jason Jones and Sterling Systems, which is owned by Jones. All of which have been accused of negligence in Gunderson’s death.

The lawsuit was formally filed by Elizabeth Gunderson Koll, mother to the deceased Josh Gunderson on his behalf.

According to published reports, Gunderson died in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during a March vacation along with Jensen and a female by the name of Ashley Jones. Apparently Jensen was working for the Jones family as a bodyguard.

10/30/09 10:28:03PM
I don't really understand the story here. Did he beat the guy to death or what? It's pretty unclear.
10/30/09 11:36:37PM
Yeah, this is odd....it sounds like maybe dude was doing something wrong to the female and when Zak got involved dude died, in a bathroom no less!
10/31/09 1:10:44AM
The article is written so poorly that it's actually difficult to even work out what the writer is saying half of the time. I can't tell which parts are things that people saw, and which parts are things that people claim they saw.

From the article it sounds like the dude went into the bathroom by himself? I don't know. I'll wait for someone who can write a coherent English sentence to tell us the story.

I guess this could explain why the dude seems so quiet and emotionally closed off on the show. He must have much bigger things on his mind than guys teasing him.
10/31/09 1:27:31AM
I went to the site he got the info from. A bit better read but I think the whole version of the story are from transcripts so they are written strange. LINK Stillwater Gazette

10/31/09 1:35:09AM
If these reports are true, he sure did kill him... it sounds like Jensen has admitted it and is claiming self-defense.

10/31/09 3:10:24AM
wonder who will win the bet....
10/31/09 4:47:28AM

Posted by RearNakedJoke

wonder who will win the bet....

bad taste...
10/31/09 12:49:51PM
This is the best comment on that site, and it's one we should all consider

This is VERY vague and lures us all into speculation while we have absolutely no knowledge of the facts. We all have to be careful because I had made a mental judgement based on the VERY flimsy, hearsay story and fortunately, after reading everyone else’s comments, I realized I truly had no clue what happened and should just wait for more information before I cast judgement. I hope everyone else thinks about that before convicting or dismissing the guy based on this story. TONS of questions remain here!
10/31/09 1:21:23PM

Posted by RearNakedJoke wonder who will win the bet....
isn't it Matt the rat who they have the pool on anyway?
10/31/09 2:05:35PM
I think the article was translated from Spanish by a web translator. That is why it sounds so strange.
It sounds to me like Jensen whooped up on him some then the guy went into the bathroom and either slipped or passed out and whacked his head. It could be a cover story though. The whole thing sounds "Rotten in Denmark". Have fun in court with this one...especially a Mexican court. What gets me is that Jensen is actually being paid to be a bodyguard. From his appearance on TUF I wouldn't hire him to guard anything...and look what happened. There is much more to this story I am sure.
10/31/09 9:39:23PM
Wow that is some serious shite right therre. jensen has some hoops to jump through but loks like he shoukld come out ok. Wonder if the guy attempted to hang himself in the Bathroom or somthing?
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