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POLL: which did you like
1 weight class per seaon 47% (16)
2 weight classes per season 53% (18)
5/1/08 10:59:16AM
It used to be there were 2 weight classes per season. but recently its just been one so which did you like more? 1 or 2 weight classes each season? personally I liked the 2 weight classes. what do you think?
5/1/08 3:36:23PM
season 8 is supposedly having LW and LHW's i think cant really remembr
5/1/08 9:38:12PM
i personally dont care as long as they bring in talented fighters.

with that said i think only one weight class thins out the talent pool a bit and they tend to bring in guys i don't think should get a shot at the ufc until they fine tune their skills.
5/2/08 8:50:48AM
all i really care is if they bring in fighters that stay in the weight classes they try out for on the show.
5/2/08 8:22:02PM
I like the one weight class...more competition, more options, and the best talent usually rises to the top...especially when they start out with 32 fighters like they did this season...when you just start out with 8 you get fighters like Josh haynes making the finals.
5/2/08 11:21:40PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

when you just start out with 8 you get fighters like Josh haynes making the finals.

thats true don't mean to bash a fghter but damn that was good
5/3/08 12:40:46AM
1 is best. It upsets me if they are moving back cause the Tuf 5 season made things nice. The focus was all in one place and it was easier to keep track of whos in and going to fight who.

When its two weight classes it is extremely dumb for the coaches cause its like they are managing two teams at one time.
5/3/08 2:21:28PM
They should only do one weight class...easier on the coaching staff and easier for us to follow....not only that but the next weight class they should do is HW!!!! GOD THAT DIV NEEDS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/4/08 4:47:38PM
the best of best win i like that system
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