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7/12/12 1:49:39AM
For all you U.K and Australian fans... the coaches will be Ross Pearson and G-Sot.
7/12/12 2:14:43AM
it's really got to be a must win for pearson you would think when he squares off with sotiropolous.
7/12/12 3:14:48AM
G-Sot will dismantle Pearson. I like it though, Pearson hits hard and fast, so you never know.
I was expecting Kyle Noke to coach the Oz team, but he lost his last couple, so I expect that's why. Ebersole wanted the job, he's well known down under, but not a citizen.
I really hope some New Zealand fighters can get in the Oz team too.
I hope my fellow Americans (I am expatriate American) can get into watching this too . At least the highlights - not the lame 'big brother' type stuff"

EDIT:Some more on the Brian Ebersole situation, he's not too fond of G-Sot

"“I hope I’ve got the momentum and this little Twitter campaign I started, that’s kind of going strong. Sotiropoulos is kind of the one name I’ve heard thrown around, but he’s kind of a bit down right now as far as his health and his profile, coming off a couple losses,” said Ebersole.

“To be fair when MMA started getting a bit big, I went to Australia and I helped Australian MMA, whereas he shunned Australian MMA. He came to America and he very rarely visits Australia. So I don’t think that many people in the community even see him as a representative of Australian MMA. He was home grown for the first part of his career, but he didn’t do anything grand until he left for America.”

Heres the article

7/12/12 10:28:37AM
Interesting that there's bad blood between Ebersole and G-sot. I dunno about "turning his back" on Australian MMA...he's top notch and the UFC wasn't down under yet when he was on TUF and after. Just makes sense.

I like G-sot as a fighter. I'm not big on his personality though...so i can already see me routing for Pearson to win but picking G-Sot.
7/12/12 12:14:42PM
Okay so George left Australia to go train in America and try to get better? What's wrong with that?

Are we sure that Pearson and George are fighting one another at the end of the show? Aren't they in different weight classes? 145 & 155.
7/12/12 12:21:55PM
They had no one else.
Doesn't make sense. But g SOP will sub him out
7/12/12 9:11:45PM
Perason's tdd is as good if not better than Siver.....I would pick Person here.
7/12/12 11:54:11PM
Idk why Pearson is jumping back to 155.

Maybe just for this, but I think it's a mistake for him to go back up there.
7/13/12 4:31:04PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Idk why Pearson is jumping back to 155.

Maybe just for this, but I think it's a mistake for him to go back up there.

I think back up to 155 is the right move, as he will regain the speed advantage he lost when he dropped to 145.

Anybody heard rumours of cast members yet ?
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