tuf 5 semi finalists getting big opportunities

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2/1/08 8:13:45PM
this is suprising to me, i thought lauzon and maynard would get built up a little more, particularly maynard, he is raw but has unlimited potential. imo both guys needed one more fight before this significant step up in competition. my predictions, kenny subs lauzon in the first, maynard suprisingly puts up a good fight against edgar but eventually gets subbed in round 2.
2/1/08 9:34:49PM
Both Maynard and Lauzon are getting big opportunities. In my mind the Florian and Lauzon fight is going to be a war. I'm a huge KenFlo fan so I'll be pulling for him, and I think he'll win. But Lauzon has a good chance. On the other hand Maynard vs. Edgar in my mind is going to be a pretty lopsided fight. I think Edgar will be too much for Maynard. I mean look Maynard had problems with Siver, who he should have beat easily. Edgar will win this one.
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