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9/18/08 10:05:30AM
Okay, just so you know I'm really bored and I was just sitting here watching a rerun of the ultimate fighter that was on last night, and started meeting all the future stars, and I got to thinking what if you could make your own season of TUF with two seperate weight classes and coaches of fighters currently fighting in MMA, similar to the TUF 4 but with good fighters, and how it would turn out. I chose to do the HW and LHW division because there the two divisions that dont really have a clear cut dominant fighter at that weight level:

Team #1

Coach:Dan Severn

HW Fighters:Frank Mir, Nogeria, Couture, Arlovski

LHW Fighters: Chuck, Forrest, Machida, Wandy

Team #2

Coach:Royce Gracie

HW Fighters:Fedor, Barnett, Werdum, Lesnar

LHW Fighters: Rampage, Shogun, Rashad, Thiago

HW Match-ups:

HW:Mir vs. Werdum, Couture vs. Barnett, Fedor vs. Arlovski, Lesnar vs. Nogeria
Winners: Mir, Couture, Fedor, Nogeria

HW: Mir vs. Fedor, Couture vs. Nogeria
Winners: Fedor vs. Couture

Winner: Couture

LHW Match-ups:

LHW: Chuck vs. Shogun, Forrest vs. Thiago, Machida vs. Rampage, Wandy vs. Rashad
Winners: Chuck, Forrest, Rampage, Wandy

LHW:Chuck vs. Wandy, Forrest vs. Rampage
Winners:Wandy, Forrest


This is my prediction as to what would go down, yes some of these match-ups especially in the HW division are fairly easy to pick, but the LHW division is defineatly up for grabs, and I dont see Wandy losing if this was the TUF show.

And yes I still think Couture would beat Fedor.
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