TUF: Ryan Bader's "Stankie Story Of The Week" For Week 8 (No Spoilers)

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11/6/08 10:02:34AM
Enjoy while they last, Bader's running out of them.

Going back before I fought Tom Lawlor, Stanky went up to Tom and told him he was No. 1 pick and that he could not be beat. Tom then told Stanky, "Stanky, you know I'm on the other team, right?" Stanky gave him a confused look and said, "Son, you're going to win this whole thing." Tom looked at him like he was crazy and said thanks. Stanky then came up and asked me if I had already fought and when the whole thing would be over.

I am going to be in Florida for the WEC event this week and to train a little with Nog and his team. I hope to run into Stanky while I am out there and see what he has been up to since the show finished.

We have to do more than what meets the eye when we do the team selections, etc. We have to stand there silently for about 10 minutes each time to get individual shots with the camera and the like. So while the producer is trying to get everything going and is trying to have a meeting with us, Stanky is heckling her the whole time. One classic line that we stole from Stanky was when she (the producer) was trying to explain something important. Stanky blurts out, "Sweetie, I wouldn't want to box ya, but I would love to wrestle ya!"

Even she couldn't help but laugh.

11/6/08 12:54:03PM
Stankie is crazy.Gotta love the guy.
11/6/08 10:30:02PM
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