TUF 8: Ryan Bader's Final Blog Entry-One Last Stankie Story!

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12/23/08 11:12:02AM
Well, it might not be the last one. Bader said he'd keep blogging periodically if Junkie woudl like that, but either way he gaves us one more Stankie story:

Then when we thought it couldn't get any better, Al "Stankie" shows up! Of course in his " The Ultimate Fighter" rashguard and TapouT beanie! We had a good time with him. He showed up pretty drunk, so a couple more drinks led to him passing out -- chin on chest -- at the VIP booth. I was sitting at another table with some people and I see some movement from Stankie. Stankie woke up, took his dress shoes off, and hit himself hard three times in the face with his shoes! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He had no idea anybody was watching him. After he hit himself and failed to come back alive he put them back on and passed back out. He did all of this with his eyes closed.

This was all at the Finale, by the way. I'm gonna miss the guy if this is the last we see of him. The full blog post is after the jump:
12/23/08 2:11:04PM
lol what a beast
12/23/08 2:42:36PM
I'd love to see that video of Stankie hitting himself...that'd be great.
12/24/08 1:04:21AM
I know he's a recovering Alcoholic. Sad to see he's still drinking.
12/24/08 8:24:48AM
stankie really deserves his own TV show
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