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6/26/08 12:21:03AM
Who would win in some of these rematches from when they fought on the show or on the finale?

Keith Jardine vs. Rashad Evans - I think Jardine would win handily in a rematch, and probably get a ominant decision. The first fight Rashad just simply outworked Jardine but I wouldn't see that happening again.

Gerald Harris vs. Amir Sodalluh - I see Gerald winning this fight by a UD. He would have more training time and control the fight wherever it went.

Kendall Grove vs. Ed Herman - I would see Ed destroying Kendall this time around. Ed's punching power and his wrestling has improved greatly since the first fight with Kendall. He would GnP Kenall until he was out.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Diaz - Manny by UD just like the first fight wouldve gone if he handn't dislocated his shoulder.

Joe Stevenson vs. Marcus Davis - Joe wn the first fight by submission due to elbows. If they rematched at welterweight Marcus would either score a KO win or a Decision. Davis has improved so much since the show.


6/26/08 12:27:53AM
One Fight and one fight only

Tait Flecher vs Josh Haynes

I feel Tait won that fight and had he actually won, he would have beat Jesse(whom he most likely would have fought) and had a decent shot at beating Bisping(then, not now).

If they fought again Tait would win a Unanimous Decison
6/26/08 4:05:14AM
Leben/Koscheck comes to mind......
6/26/08 8:34:39AM
oh my god. i was waiting for someone else to say that diaz and gamburyan should fight again. manny was destroying nate in the first round
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