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10/9/09 1:18:23AM
Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer details TUF 10’s dominance of the male 18-34 year-old demographic:

About 2.28 million Males 18-34 watched the fight (Kimbo vs. Nelson) on the first broadcast, a 7.86 rating in that demographic, and a new record. Another 450,000 watched the replay.

For the show itself, the 6.86 rating in Males 18-34 and 2 million viewers is more than all but seven regular network television shows s far this season, and more than any other show this season on cable, or any sports event on network or cable besides NFL games. The audience for the show was 74% male, and even with all the talk, more Women 18-34 in general would watch Raw most weeks.

It was the largest in Males 18-34 for any program in the history of Spike television, and that’s a network that had WWF Raw from 2000-2005, the first several months featuring the build up to the Rock vs. Steve Austin WrestleMania, before Rock left and Austin went heel and the popularity of the show started whittling away. That number would beat any sports programming except the NFL, the World Series, the Final Four and the NBA finals. The show did a 4.05 in Males 35-49, far beyond anything UFC has ever done in that demo.

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10/9/09 3:46:07AM
I thought Sherdog reported that over 6 million people watched the Kimbo/Nelson fight?

Surely 4 million of those people weren't women, children, and people over the age of 40...
10/9/09 6:45:41AM
6.1 million TOTAL viewers watched the fight, the episode itself did 5.3 million total. Key demo ratings are always calculated differently from total ratings, so if you don't know the system it's going to sound messed up.
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