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11/14/07 6:31:31PM
who do you think will face off, i have no idea how serra is going to pick them, but if i had to seed them this is what i would do.

8. Hightower

4. Ben
5. Tommy

3. Arroyo
6. Kolosci

2. George
7. Rude Boy

now i know serra probably wont do this, i think he may do something like this.

mac vs. hightower- mac is the toughest left and he sacrifices his weakest guy.

george vs. tommy- tommy is dangerous but hughes uses his best guy to take out a team hughes member

kolosci vs. arroyo- if he has to match up two guys on his team this is a good matchup

rude boy vs. ben- same as kolosci arroyo.
11/14/07 6:49:41PM
all serra wants to do is knockout hughe's guys. he wants them to figh each other. all i know is hightower has got to go.
11/14/07 11:06:54PM
Wow who saw that fight? Someone literally looked like he was at fight school.
11/14/07 11:16:15PM

Posted by cmill21

Wow who saw that fight? Someone literally looked like he was at fight school.

it was like watching a clinic on how to totally outclass a fighter. Mac is obviously on a different level than some of the others and he proved it once again with this fight. I still think he should drop down to LW, but his only real competition on this show is george so i guess he will continue his dominance up through the finals. This fight was a clear example of how some of the fighters are just on two different plains of skill level.
11/14/07 11:21:40PM
wow i guess i was 0-4 in my predictions, mac was very impressive, i dont see anybody beating him.
11/15/07 12:16:29AM
Mac was impressive !!

i have picked him at the beginning on a previous post and right now i am confident !!

George and Tommy are close second in my mind !!

11/15/07 6:00:04PM
This is how I see th final fight: Mac vs George in finals...George wins by KO in first round

This is how the fight will go : both come out strong and exchange punches. Mac looks to have gotten the better of the exchange as he landed crisper punches. George goes for a looping right which mac evades and throws a clean counter punch which briefly rocks George. But what is this? A fly enters the cage and Mac stops fighting to observe one of God's beautiful creatures. Taking advantage of his opponents situation, George throws a vicious hook to Mac's chin leaving him unconscious. Big John calls the fight at 1:15 of the first round declaring George the TUF winner. Mac can finally see those humming birds...

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