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POLL: Who wins?
Wes Sims 7% (2)
Wes Shivers 3% (1)
Kimbo Slice 7% (2)
Brendan Schaub 10% (3)
Roy Nelson 62% (18)
other 10% (3)
7/11/09 9:42:30AM
What doy ou all think? This is my predictions.

The Following 4 guys are not 100% confirmed to be on the show as some news sites have them others do not.
Jim York
Tom Blackledge
Demico Rogers
James McSweeney
This is the cast as i see it most often reported/most trusted this is what i will use.

Zak Jensen (11-2
Marcus Jones (4-1.
Scott Junk (6-2):
John Madsen (3-0):
James McSweeney (12-4):
Matt Mitrione (0-0):.
Roy Nelson (14-4):
Demico Rogers (4-0):
Brendan Schaub (4-0):
Darill Schoonover (10-0):
Wes Shivers (3-1):
Wes Sims (22-12-1
Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (3-1
Abe Wagner (6-2
Mike Wessel (6-1):
Justin Wren (10-1

Teams In order they will be picks, Rampage gets 1st pick.

Kimbo Slice (they fit each other so well i can see them being best buds)
Roy Nelson (well known and good)
Darill Schoonover
Wes Shivers
Zak Jensen
Abe Wagner
Mike Wessel
Demico Rogers


James McSeeney (Rashad's Roomie/training partner)
Brendan Schaub (trains with Team Jackson )
Marcus Jones
Wes Sims
Justin Wren
Scott Junk
John Madsen
Matt Mitrione

1st fight Shad picks fight
James McSweeny v Zak Jensen w James McSweeney
2nd fight Page picks fight
Kimbo Slice v Marcus Jones w Kimbo Slice

3rd fight Shad picks fight
Brendan Schaub v Demico Rogers Schaub wins

4th fight Page picks
Roy Nelson v Scott Junk w Roy Nelson

5th fight Shad picks
Wes Sims v Abe Wagner w Wes
6th fight Page picks
Darill Schoonover v John Madsen w Darill Schoonover
7th pick Shad picks.
Justin Wren v Wes Shivers w Wes
8th picks Page picks
Mike Wessel v Matt Mitrione w Matt

8 Winners
Roy Nelson -Rampage
Wes Sims - Rashad
Kimbo Slice- Rampage
James McSweeney - Rashad
Wes Shivers - Rampage
Brendan Schaub - Rashad
Matt Mitrione - Rashad
Darill Schoonover – Rampage

Next round
1st fight
Brendan Schaub v Darill Schoonover w Brendan Schaub
2nd fight
Matt Mitrione v Roy Nelson w Roy Nelson
3rd fight
Wes Shivers v James McSweeney w Wes Shivers
4th fight
Kimbo Slice v Wes Sims w Kimbo Slice

Next Round
1st fight Schaub v Nelson w and moving on to finale Brendan Schaub
2nd fight
Kimbo Slice v Wes Shivers, w and moving on to finale Wes Shivers.

Shivers v Schaub, winner of and TUF Wes Shivers.

I think it would be funny to have a main event of the finale be Roy Nelson v Kimbo Slice.......
7/11/09 3:28:57PM
I been saying this for awhile Shaub is a beast and one hell of a up and comer he will win this season fingers crossed
7/12/09 2:43:48PM
So since Kimbo got that far in your predictions, I guarantee you Dana would sign him to a small deal still, not turn him into a superstar right away but the guy could turn out to be a huge money maker if they build him up, simply because of his internet fame. It is worth the risk to offer him an OK contract.
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