tuf noob here

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4/2/09 12:48:12PM
not sure how this works
4/2/09 12:50:13PM
Welcome to MMAPG. The knowledgeable posters on this site will eradicate your TUF noobness soon enough.
4/2/09 1:10:35PM
Welcome bro.

If you want to be a real threat to some of these old dogs around here you just need to familiarize yourself and dive into the deep end of old video, stats, and teh talent pools.

Good Luck.

and besides, if I can crack the top 10% every season, anyone can. probably have the worst luck with picks sometimes.
4/2/09 1:46:03PM
Welcome aboard!
4/2/09 7:12:21PM
Thanks for the warm welcome :)
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