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11/20/08 1:04:10AM
I can't find it on my cable's guide so i was wondering if that was why they are having 2 new episodes the week after. anyone wanna help?
11/20/08 2:27:33AM
They're not doing it due to the Thanksgiving holiday so to keep on schedule they're doing two new episodes in one night with 4 total fights, should be pretty good, except I expect one is a Junie fit with full drama and all and a "you're out for a month get your shit together" speech.
11/20/08 3:52:19AM
cool thanks buddy.
11/20/08 6:35:25AM
There's supposed to be a "mini-marathon" next Wednesday from 8 PM-midnight. According to it's episodes 7-10, which probably isn't right because next week should be episode 11. Then on 12/3 is episode 12 and that's it before the Finale.
11/20/08 2:54:26PM
on 12/3 they are doing two episodes is what i heard.

but i dont like how they spoiled the LHW matchups before they were shown on the show.
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