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6/13/13 9:34:36AM
With the UFC expansion into Mexico ready with TV deals and Dana White saying they're looking at making a Strawweight (115 pound) division geared towards Mexican fighters, who would be the candidates to coach?

At 125, John Moraga is of Mexican descent but I don't know if he speaks Spanish. Ian McCall at 125 is of a combination of Spanish/Greek/Swiss/Swedish but I have no idea if he speaks Spanish but his ancestors were from Spain, not Mexico, if that factors in.

At 135 there's Erik Perez, but he's basically unknown to casual fans despite his 3-0 start to his UFC career. Also at 135 is Francisco Rivera who has won 3 in a row (2 in a row if you don't count his win that was changed to a NC for popping on what if I remember right was an OTC supplement). Not sure if either or both speak Spanish.

You have Cain Velasquez at HW who is obviously the most beloved fighter to Mexican fans, though the size difference coaching 115'ers would be humorous if that even was the weight class for the season. I'm not sure anyone else in the division speaks Spanish aside from Werdum though who just coached the most recent season of TUF in Brazil. It'd be hard to see someone coach two seasons in a row and Werdum is Brazilian, but he does speak Portugese and Spanish both fluently as he lived in Spain for years, and I believe does commentary occasionally for UFC broadcasts en Espanol. It would put the most popular fighter in the country opposite an opponent deserving of a title shot, but it would be a HW title build-up on TV in Mexico that we'd have to watch likely online with subtitles. I don't know if they'd want to go that way with building up the fight considering the US buys the most PPV's of any country by a very wide margin.

At 145, Ricardo Lamas is 4-0 in the UFC, of Mexican/Cuban descent, and I believe speaks Spanish(?). Also in the division, Robbie Peralta is of Mexican/Honduran descent, not sure if he speaks Spanish but after a 2-0-1 start he did lose his last fight to Akira.

at 155, Gilbert Melendez is of Mexican descent but doesn't speak Spanish very well at all. Efrain Escudero was I believe the only UFC figher born in Mexico when he was on the roster but he's now lost 2 more in a row after losing two in the UFC and getting cut making for a four fight skid and not with the company. Jorge Masvidal is Cuban but speaks Spanish. Does Diego?

It's only going to be aired in Mexico as far as television, so the fighters just need to be popular there, and it's not a for sure that the first TUF Mexico will be 115 pounders. Anyone I missed that'd be a good candidate that speaks Spanish?

Who do you think would be the best choice as coaches?
6/13/13 10:17:38AM
is TUF Mexico for sure happening next? If it didn't happen for a year or so I wouldn't mind seeing Werdum/Velasquez coach. Perez I would say is the next best candidate and yea he does speak Spanish very well, although tough to say who he could coach against.

On a side note if they do a 115 pound divison i'll be chocked, not only have I, and probably no one else on here, have ever heard of any fighter in the 115 division, I just have no interest in seeing guys that light fight. I'm sorry but I just think it'll be YEARS before we see any actual talent come out of it anyway, and I guarantee no casual fan will be pumped to watch two anorexic guys scrap. Sorry again but I just hope the UFC uses their head here.
6/13/13 11:37:21AM
Maybe it can be two wt divs this time so nobody has to wait till the end of the season for a title shot. Ricardo coaches little guys and Cain coaches bigger guys?
6/13/13 12:22:37PM
Simple Sanchez and Melendez

Even though rumor says this fight is happening in Ufc 164
6/13/13 1:44:25PM
I'm not sure about next with all the different countries they do them in and run them simultaneously but yes there will be one before the end of the year @DD15. He has said the finale may slide into 2014.

They have their TV deal wrapped up with Televisa which is the equivalent of what Globo is to Brazil and it will reach 20+ Latin American countries.

Per Dana, In January UFC officials went to Mexico for a scouting trip. More than a hundred UFC hopefuls attended, and based on who showed up he said it could lead the UFC to adopt its ninth weight class, a 115-pound strawweight division, built primarily around Mexican fighters.
6/13/13 3:25:03PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Simple Sanchez and Melendez

Even though rumor says this fight is happening in Ufc 164

nice call man
6/13/13 3:38:55PM
During the UFC 161 media scrum, Dana said the TV deal in Mexico expedites a debut show there, but it won't happen this year.
6/13/13 3:57:56PM
I vote for this Compadre

Chaeluco Sonnenjuarez
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6/14/13 5:54:39AM
Straw weight? Not my cup of tea
6/14/13 10:42:07AM
I'd like to see Jorge Rivera and Roger Huerta as coaches.
6/16/13 11:47:52PM
Personally want to see Cain Velasquez get a lot more focus and credit and fame. He's a great fighter and person, but isn't at the level of popularity yet as a Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva. If he gets past JDS again though he might be on his way.
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