tuf 8 looking like a pretty good cast.

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7/14/08 10:09:48PM
it looks like there is some talent this season.

Joe Duarte (confirmed via personal website)- dana calls him the next anderson silva
Allen Browning (confirmed via aired trailer)
Shane Nelson (confirmed via aired trailer and MMA news sites)
George Roop
Efrain Escudero
Dave Kaplan
Spencer Paige
Phil Nover
Jim Miller- one career loss to frankie edgar
Jason MacKay- two time all american wrestler

Krzysztof Soszynski (confirmed via aired trailer) former ifl fighter
Ryan Bader (confirmed via aired trailer) undefeated trains with cb dollaway
Vinicius Magalhaes (confirmed via MMA news sites and aired trailer)
Lance Evans (confirmed via aired trailer)- rashad's brother
Ryan Jimmo (confirmed via aired trailer)
Glover Teixiera beat sokodjou
Jesse Vieum
Antwain Britt
Shane Primm
Jason Brilz- 15-1 with a couple of notable opponents
Tom Lawlor

Matt Hughe's brother mark is also rumored to be on the show.
hopefully these guys pan out because tuf 6 and 7 were lackluster as far as talent goes.
7/14/08 10:15:24PM
i agree war glover!
7/14/08 10:31:19PM

Posted by nickcuc547
Joe Duarte (confirmed via personal website)- dana calls him the next anderson silvaan

Is he related to Hugo Duarte?
7/14/08 11:00:11PM
philippe "filipino assasin" nover

got a filipino to follow.

7/14/08 11:36:42PM
I really dont understand the casting sometimes. They mix in guys with no experience with guys who have already fought on big shows like Jim Miller. Miller is going to pull a Mac Danzig and completely outclass everyone on the show.

The LHWs is a much better mix and ive got a feeling that one guy on there will end up at least a top 10er in the next few years. Krzysztof Soszynski is the man and a huge 205er. Too bad it wasnt a HW season because the UFC could use him.
7/14/08 11:49:16PM
i heard Mark Hughes was rumored to be on the LW's.

LHW's looking great, same as the LW's. looking foward to this season, especially with the coaches.
7/15/08 3:59:42AM
Oh that's what i was wondering what weight class mark hughes was going to fight in, but i dont think he will win the show.
7/15/08 6:53:41AM
There is no way Mark Hughes can make 155.He is considerably bigger than Matt.

Glover should make it to the finals.

7/15/08 9:17:31AM
War Soszynski
7/15/08 11:07:37AM
Jim Miller is already one of my favorite fighters. He should definitely make it into the house unless he gets Duarte. Can't wait, that is some great talent.
7/15/08 1:15:37PM
I hope Lance is more exciting than his brother.
7/15/08 4:38:34PM
War Bader!!!
7/16/08 5:31:02AM
Hoping for a good season
7/16/08 9:15:42AM
It better be or im holding Mr. Goldwater here responsible.
7/17/08 12:30:51PM
7/17/08 8:35:20PM
war glover
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