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3/31/11 1:24:13PM
Episode 1 Pt 1

Episode 1 Pt 2

I'm gonna use this thread to post links for the Ultmate Fighter Season 13, this is not gonna be airing in the UK.

Can I please ask that The Ultimate Fighter is NOT discussed in this thread as any one clicking this to watch the latest episode will not want to know the results of the fights on the show.


4/7/11 4:19:57PM
Episode 2 Pt 1

Episode 2 Pt 2

I know this is now airing in the UK, but I will continue to post the links in case anybody still wants to watch it online.

4/14/11 9:42:50AM
4/14/11 10:17:00AM

Posted by jjeans

Episode 3

I can't get the advertisement off the video. I tried several times.

Anyway, I found this one: TUF 13 Episode 3

Hope it helps.
4/21/11 3:12:02PM
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