TUF 10: Kimbo's beard wanted its own contract

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9/25/09 12:00:15PM
It's not Jimmy Durante's nose but Kimbo Slice's beard is getting pretty big for its britches. The legendary Durante actually took out an insurance policy on his legendary schnoz; Kimbo Slice needs to do the same for the beard. He loves that beard so much that his management actually tried to get a protection clause put in his Ultimate Fighter 10 contract according to UFC president Dana White:

"His manager kept saying if anybody messes with his beard while he's sleeping, there's gonna be some big problems," White told Mike Chiappetta from Spike TV. "That was like a big deal in the whole contract negotiation."...

9/25/09 12:01:38PM
As silly as it sounds, it actually makes a lot of sense.
9/25/09 12:25:11PM
Thats where the power is.
9/25/09 3:12:19PM
They didn't want anyone to know he has Seth was here carved in glass.


Go Kimbo vs Big country
9/26/09 8:48:05AM
Very funny.
Though it doesn't suprise me.
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