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4/13/07 1:13:03PM
Is it just me or would you see less crying at a damn baby punching competition. Between Rudiger crying about not being able to cut weight and then trying to bully one of his own team mates. And then Team Pulver exploding over a joke written on the wall. I hope these guys either grow up or throw down and get kicked out. Hopefully all the alternates don't get to hang around like Andy "Rock Lobster" Berube so we can weed out some of these guys.
4/13/07 1:27:22PM
Nope, I fell the same, this show reminds me of exactly something I would expect form high school kids.

As for the losers staying around after. I think they do that to help the other guys train, but I also think it has to do with editing. It might allow them to retroactively use footage.
4/13/07 5:19:40PM
I think all the fighters are taking this Penn vs Pulver thing to seriously, and after reading Pulvers comments i think he is to. These guys should be there for there future not to get into a coaches grudge.
4/14/07 6:46:09AM
Only two episodes in so far, and this season is already wearing on my nerves. I'm tuning in to see some future MMA stars (potentially) train and compete for a very bright spot in the UFC. I can do without all the reality TV drama BS.

I haven't time it (and I'm not gonna), but I'd bet 90% of the airtime for episode 2 was devoted to the stupid drama that these "kids" create to feel tough.

I'd rather see Pulver and Penn training these guys to fight in the UFC.

So far, this show needs to be on MTV, not Spike.
4/14/07 5:30:22PM
I love how they exploded over the wall drawings, i thought there was gonna be a street fight... i was so excited!!
4/14/07 8:47:25PM
I love it. The show is awesome this far and I look forward to seeing next weeks fight. So many guys with great potential in there. I wanna see somebody beat Ruediger now. Wiman, Hill, Diaz.. whoever. Manny G is a great fighter but seems like a mental case though.

I'm a sucker for TUF really... I guess I'm a TUF-vet.

4/15/07 3:04:38AM
I actually figured out how to watch this while I'm at work, and was dissapointed with everyone involved on the last episode. Why someone would decide its a great idea to write all over the walls of a house is beyond me. Then Lil Diaz and Manny being tough guys was hurtin, especially when the guy who wrote the comment was man enough to apologize.

I was however impressed with Manny and the mental aspect of his game. Anyone that fights knows that your mental state is more important than your physical state in a fight, and I liked how he settled himself down from the night before and got into the proper mindset to bang. You could tell before the fight even started that Noah wasn't ready to be in the cage.
4/15/07 4:05:33AM
I understand that there is a new bread of person that are being attracted to MMA and all...

But have we seen the end of fighters that can show a little bit of class and respect???

Or are we just seeing the product of reality TV and the worst it brings out in people?
4/15/07 1:20:15PM
We are getting a glimpse of life editing. Of course we are only going to see the drama on TV because that's what reality TV fans, who aren't necessarily MMA fans, want to see. But there has already been more bitching and moaning in the first two episodes then in the first 4 TUFs. I'm not saying this will deter me from viewing I've watched every TUF and loved them all, even TUF4. I just hope these guys man up a little bit and stop acting like high school kids just trying to punk everybody out. I think Cole summed up this season perfectly with his comment to Berube in the cage. "Stop mean-mugging me, I'm here to fight."
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