TUF 8 First Episode

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9/18/08 6:42:42AM
They are really talking up their guys. Browning looked good, Sozynski has some power as does Britt. What's the deal with Joe Duarte? he was hyped big time coming into the show, I guess he isn't the guy Dana said is the next Anderson Silva.
9/18/08 6:49:53AM
Yea only reason Duarte was hyped was because he was believed to be the guy Dana was talking about, which clearly wasnt the case. I'm pretty damn sure it was Phillipe Nover that Dana was talking about. In styles he is similar to Anderson, throws alot of knees, good BJJ, etc...

Junie looked good, clearly one of the most talented guys in the house, we'll just have to wait for the next episode to see where the rest rank up.
9/18/08 6:55:02AM
ya ryan bader is getting a lot of hype too and he's on the next episode, i'm interested to see what he's got.
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