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12/5/09 5:16:00PM
We're underway!
Prelims (may not air on TV):
Mark Bocek beat Joe Brammer by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:36 of round 1.
John Howard beat Dennis Hallman by KO at 4:55 of round 3.
Brian Stann beat Rodney Wallace by unanimous decision, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s.
Jon Madsen beat Justin Wren by split decision, 30-27 Madsen, 29-28 Wren, 29-28 Madsen.
James McSweeney beat Darrill Schoonover by TKO (strikes) at 3:20 of round 3.
TV fights:
Matt Mitrione beat Marcus Jones by KO at 10 seconds of round 2.
Frank(ie) Edgar beat Matt Veach by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:22 of round 2.
Kimbo Slice beat Houston Alexander by unanimous decision, 1 30-27 and 2 29-28s. (catch weight at 215)
Matt Hamill beat Jon Jones by DQ at 4:14 of round 1. Jones DQ'd because when Jones was docked 1 point for an illegal downward elbow, Hamill couldn't continue and the fight was waved off. But because it ended on an illegal strikes, it's not a TKO but a DQ so Jones loses.
TUF 10 Finals: Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub

If you missed weigh-ins, both Houston and Kimbo easily made weight. Houston was 208, Kimbo was 212.
12/5/09 6:53:17PM
We're starting a few minutes ahead of schedule, Brammer vs. Bocek will be the first fight. They're heading to the octagon right now.
12/5/09 6:55:30PM
TUF Finale cards can be unpredictable.
12/5/09 7:01:04PM
And it's already over. Bocek gets the win at 3:36, RNC. And he finished it from the back while Brammer was standing.
12/5/09 7:06:35PM
I sense a whole lot of 1-0 w/ 11's after that fight.
12/5/09 7:06:42PM
I'm 1-0 with 11 points, and hit the first fight in my parlay.
12/5/09 7:07:25PM
Off to a great start, 1-0, 11 points, it's common for me though, hopefully the whole night goes this good.
12/5/09 7:14:10PM
I knew he looked too gassed at the weigh ins... had a Round 2 Rear Naked and he got a Round 1 Rear Naked. -_-'
12/5/09 7:17:39PM
Same thing buddy, 1-0 with 7 points
12/5/09 7:23:32PM
Hallman-Howard underway, going to round 2. Hallman walks in to The Cranberries.
Now to round 3. Junkie has it 20-18 Hallman.
12/5/09 7:30:12PM
Dangit, I must have overlooked this fight. I had the round and result for the Howard Hallman fight, but I guess the PICK itself didnt save. Dangit!!! should have double checked that the site saved it :(
12/5/09 7:31:30PM
1-0 7 points

yo DC i dont think all our fight camp members made all their picks
12/5/09 7:32:05PM
HOLY S**T! Howard gets the TKO with only seconds left!

FIVE SECONDS to be precise. 4:55 of round 3. Unbelievable.
12/5/09 7:34:40PM
HAH! War Doomsday! Knocks him out with 5 seconds left, to stop from losing a decision. What a finish.

2-0 with 10 points and 1/3 of my parlay hit with Bocek
12/5/09 7:35:18PM
2-0 12 points
12/5/09 7:35:21PM
I'm 2-0 with 16 points, and I am 2 of 3 on my parlay.
12/5/09 7:41:54PM
And in a case of "Who's Your Daddy", pun intended, "Joe Stevenson cageside, and he's begging Logan and Natasha for a shot at their jobs. Octagon mom vetoes, and Stevenson heads to his seat."
12/5/09 7:44:22PM
1-1 7pts cause Im a retard :p

"danawhite meet a girl named chari at sportsbook and get tix!
2 minutes ago from Tweetie "

Dangit, I should have stayed in Vegas :-/

12/5/09 7:53:58PM
1-1 w/ 11

Thought Halman could get the sub, if not definitely the decision, and if rounds were 4:55 I would've been correct.
12/5/09 7:56:31PM
I'm 0-2 and not liking it at all!
12/5/09 7:56:50PM
Switched my pick to Stann at the last minute...hope he pulls through.
12/5/09 7:56:51PM
Me too.

Stann-Wallace is next. Much to Dana's dismay, the referee is Steve Mazzagatti.
12/5/09 8:09:59PM
1-2 7pts, I fear Im out of the top 50 with todays card :(
12/5/09 8:10:03PM
I wonder if Dana thinks Mazzagatti let this fight continue too long too.
12/5/09 8:10:39PM
I'm 3-0 with 21 points and I hit my parlay and individual wagers.
12/5/09 8:12:52PM
2-1 12 points
12/5/09 8:13:32PM
I am 2-1, with 16 points. A typical, and low ranking start for me haha
12/5/09 8:14:25PM
11 points on that one.

3-0 with 21 points, and hit 2/3 of my parlay with Stann, now just need Wren to come through.

12/5/09 8:26:17PM
Reading the PBP's so far, it sounds like Madsen's putting on an effort worthy of never getting a call back from the UFC.

EDIT: Not to say he's not implementing his gameplan or can't eke out a win, just that he's trying to avoid the action and never pressing.
12/5/09 8:27:38PM

Posted by Kpro

Reading the PBP's so far, it sounds like Madsen's putting on an effort worthy of never getting a call back from the UFC.

EDIT: Not to say he's not implementing his gameplan, just that he's trying to avoid the action and never pressing.

and i picked madsen....

damn TUF runnerups
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