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POLL: Main Event-Who's Gonna Win?
Evan Tanner 58% (18)
Kendall Grove 19% (6)
Draw 0% (0)
No Contest 3% (1)
Dana White-He'll Keep Them Both 13% (4)
The Cubs-They Can't Be Beaten At Wrigley! 6% (2)
6/22/08 12:00:58AM
How the hell do you go from two 30-26's to a 29-28 the other way? Weird judging.
6/22/08 12:02:22AM

at least Amir pulled through for me. I called him winning both fights
6/22/08 12:02:28AM
Eastman Vs Mcfedries next!! from what i've read this will be KO of the night.

WOW!! Mcfedries with a dominating performance, i love watching this guy fight!


EDIT: eastman's left eye was swell shut!
6/22/08 12:19:02AM
ehh I dont think I did too good on this one... went about 50% I think..

and stupid Stephens for screwing up my parlay...I give him a thumbs down!
6/22/08 12:23:17AM
Is burkman Hazelett the only fight not shown?
6/22/08 12:39:30AM

Posted by DonnieDarko

Is burkman Hazelett the only fight not shown?

No, there was also Matt Brown Vs Arroyo, Jeremy Horn vs Lister and Kimmons vs Yundt....

the only undercard fight that was shown was Mcfedries vs Eastman
6/22/08 12:48:50AM
My only idea on the Split is that one of the judges gave Tanner the third(I did too) and the first based on cage control and takedowns. Kendall's back was against the cage alot, and that means more to some people than others.
6/22/08 1:09:39PM

Posted by DonnieDarko

Is burkman Hazelett the only fight not shown?

If you want to see that fight, the TUF section of ufc.com is showing the fight FREE via UFC On Demand.
6/22/08 3:08:11PM
Any UK fans gonna be on here for the TUF Finale in an hour ?
6/22/08 4:05:12PM
Anybody ??????????????????????????????????????????????
6/22/08 4:17:52PM
So nobody from the uk is watching ?
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