TUF 10 Finale: 3.7 Million Viewers, 5.2 Million For Kimbo

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12/8/09 5:08:55PM
Kimbo Slice still knows how to draw. The ratings for the TUF 10 Finale Saturday night are now out: 3.7 million viewers was the average for the entire broadcast, but the peak was 5.2 million for Kimbo vs. Houston Alexander. With the Finale ratings included, the final average for the season was 3.4 million viewers. The Finale was the most-watched Finale yet and #3 all-time for UFC.

12/8/09 5:17:15PM
That's Kimbo's place booked on the UFC roster for a looooong time.
12/8/09 5:17:39PM
And this is why Kimbo Slice will remain in the UFC for sometime. He's a bigger draw than a lot of the premier fighters.
12/8/09 7:10:53PM
Kimbo can get people to watch so he will be getting a lot of $$ next time he fights and im sure it will be a fighter that will not circle for 15 min lol
12/9/09 12:32:52AM
say what you will about kimbo
but that boy is a a major draw to people
no fight nights for him, ufc will put him on main cards for pay per views and feed him some cans first get those buys to increase
wasn't tuf that won the ratings it was kimbo
12/10/09 6:53:32AM
I say Kimbo will fight next someone very low on the roster.
Then he will fight a big name. Someone with a "face" so to speak.

He's just too big of a draw not to put in a huge fight.
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