TUF 10 Finale: Jon Jones ready to take Matt Hamill down on Dec. 5

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9/28/09 2:56:32PM
“[Matt Hamill's] going to be a big step up in competition for me and a really good test for me and I’m stoked about it. I think his wrestling will play a factor in the fight. I usually fight guys who are Brazilian Black Belts or guys who consider themselves strikers, but with Matt being a tough wrestler, I can see that being an issue. But Matt isn’t really known for his submissions or having knockout power in his hands, so I’m just going to train every aspect of mixed martial arts and I’m excited about this fight because he’s not known for his Jiu-Jitsu and my Jiu-Jitsu is getting really good. If he ends up taking me down, I’m straight with working off of my back or getting into some scramble with him and possibly submitting him. In the boxing category, I feel like I’m faster than him and more well-rounded than him. In the kicking department, I’m working with Phil there and now I’m working into being a Muay Thai fighter, so I’m just going to go out there and mix it up in every aspect. I actually had a very good wrestling career also and I try not to doubt myself in any aspect of the sport. Doubt is where a weakness is about to come in, so I’m just ready to mix it up man. I’m ready to take him down, I’m ready to defend his takedowns and I’m just confident man. I haven’t lost and I’m always working to get better, so I have no reason to doubt myself. I just want to be an all-around great fighter.”

9/28/09 4:15:37PM
this guy has a lot of potential. Im excited to see him get even better. But I dont know if hes ready for Hamill. I see Hamill eeking out all 3 rnd with his wrestling.
9/28/09 8:07:38PM
Well I dont think Jones should take hamill down, I think he should trade with him. I wonder if jones saw hamill's head kick KO, saying he doesnt have power. This will prolly be mostly a standup war because they are both wrestlers and that's how it goes sometimes.

Jones prolly is the faster striker, but idk who im taken yet.Maybe jones because of his speed.
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