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6/23/07 6:26:36AM

So I wanna make this thread so that everyone can talk about the Event before it starts and during it. This Card's gonna be so badass, here's what I got for it...

Matt Wiman Vs. Brian Geraghty
In this one I see Matt Wiman coming out really strong and keeping Geraghty neutralized, while staying aggressive I see Wiman getting the Takedown and pounding Geraghty out.

Winner: Wiman By KO/TKO.

Rob Emerson Vs. Gray Maynard
I see this Fight being a very close and hard fought one with a great ground fight being executed. In the end, I see Rob Emerson with his hand raised though.

Winner: Emerson By Decision.

Cole Miller Vs. Andy Wang
I expect Cole Miller to come out very strong in this fight and go after an underestimated Wang, and Wang will capitalize on one of Miller's mistakes and take the fight to the ground where his BJJ will come into play, being overwhelming for Cole.

Winner: Wang By Submission.

Brandon Melendez Vs. Joe Lauzon
Another Fight I see being one of the longer and good one's of the Night. Melendez plays it safe and works on Counter's and Takedown's while Lauzon outstrikes and outclasses him completely for all 3 Rounds.

Winner: Lauzon By Decision.

Manny Gamburyan Vs. Nate Diaz
This is a very hard fight to Predict, it's so close and it's hard to pick anyone here, so I'm just gonna go with my first instinct and say Gamburyan outsmarts Nate and stays 2 steps ahead of him at all time while overwhelming him.

Winner: Gamburyan By Decision.

Thales Leites Vs. Floyd Sword
No contest, Leites is gonna stomp all over this kid.

Winner: Leites By Submission.

Allen Berube Vs. Leonard Garcia
It's LOBSTAH TIME! Of course Berube is gonna school Garcia, haha nah. Garcia definetely controls this fight with complete ease and works a quick and early win.

Winner: Garcia By KO/TKO.

Roger Huerta Vs. Doug Evans
Another one that's shapin up to be a No Contest, Huerta easily takes this one with his strikes early in the fight.

Winner: Huerta By KO/TKO

Jens Pulver Vs. BJ Penn
And the one we've been waiting for, Coach Vs. Coach, Rival Vs. Rival, BJ Penn Vs. Jens Pulver. In this one I see Penn winning by whatever he wants, outclassing Pulver and making him look like a fool, tooling him for a Round then putting a Stamp on Pulver in the 2nd.

Winner: Penn By Submission.

6/23/07 12:39:11PM
What time do the fights start on the undercard?
6/23/07 2:46:28PM
Are these results or your predictions? You put spoilers in the title
6/23/07 3:07:31PM
predictions..........undercard starts at 7:00(eastern time)
6/23/07 3:21:44PM
Will there be a 'play by play' of the undercard fights, and if so on what site?
6/23/07 3:27:28PM
The untelevised, preliminary portion of tomorrow’s fight card begins at about 7 p.m. UFCjunkie.com (www.ufcjunkie.com) will have fight results — from the undercard and the main card — posted throughout the evening.

- from ufcjunkie.com site
6/23/07 3:39:47PM
Predictions, obviously. I just want this to be open for discussions as the event is going on Live.
6/23/07 7:29:54PM
1-0... off to a good start. Geraghty seems to have trouble with getting overwhelmed at the start of fights.
6/23/07 7:35:49PM
1-0 but I had judges decision :(

6/23/07 7:40:17PM

Easy pick of first round submission
6/23/07 7:49:15PM
Ditto, got your same record Chaos. I was kinda of hoping Monstah Lobstah would win, just so I could continue typing "Monstah Lobstah."
6/23/07 8:01:40PM

Round 2 TKO just like I predicted
6/23/07 8:07:28PM
No contest dude... damn. I really want to see that fight.
6/23/07 8:07:50PM
I'm undefeated so far, sounds like its pretty crazy so far, hopefully Wang wins this bro, I dont wanna go broke lol.
6/23/07 8:08:43PM

No contest.

From the sounds of it Maynard had him dominated.

11 points down the drain
6/23/07 8:12:27PM
I wonder how they score a no contest. I guess they just wash it? Anyway 2-0 on the first two.
6/23/07 8:14:33PM
I hope they show the Maynard/Emerson fight on the live broadcast, because that'd be something worth seeing.

Anyway, i'm 2-0, because No Contests don't factor in..
6/23/07 8:14:45PM
Wow Misfit. What a brilliant prediction. You have to be psychic to pick a draw and have it come true. Go Pit.
6/23/07 8:17:44PM
I wonder if I get points for saying it would end in R2........lol
6/23/07 8:24:04PM
**** this shit man. **** Big Wang. **** this game. I'm done. Wang is a big pussy, I can kick his ass. I'm like furious now. I lost all my money.
6/23/07 8:25:42PM
ahhhh man thats a tough loss for me to take lol.
6/23/07 8:26:16PM
God damn Wang. What a useless piece of garbage. Should have picked Cole. Not looking good for me this card.
6/23/07 8:27:12PM
I hate Wang too............cause I thought he could make it at least one round.
6/23/07 8:28:28PM
Wang would rather stand than win.
6/23/07 8:39:53PM
honestly the dumbest man in mma...
6/23/07 8:44:34PM
Nice job Joe... I did have 2nd but by KO/TKO. Brandon needs to move to 170 or cut off a body part.
6/23/07 8:48:17PM
I had 2nd round submission.

That Wang fight is going to kill me. Oh and picking Jens will prolly bite me in the ass too.

Year of the underdog my ass.

If only Maynard didn't knock himself out.

I'm out now. I don't want to see the rest of the fights until they appear on television.
6/23/07 8:55:38PM
Are they going to replay all the fights? I want to see Joe, and the maynard fight. The damn things 3 hours long...and unless the 3 events are 1 hr long each....lol
6/23/07 8:58:30PM
Gotta factor in commercials, but maybe we get to see 2 if things move along fast.
6/23/07 9:19:49PM
Looks like this kid's gonna give Huerta a long night.
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