TUF Finale Bets

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6/15/07 2:35:33PM
Manny over Nate I want 1.5 odds. or 1:1 if small amount

Lauzon over Melendez I'll give 2:1

Cole Miller over Wang

Maynard over Emerson

Wiman over Geraghty

6/15/07 3:12:31PM
what odds r u giving for the last 3 fights
6/15/07 3:57:30PM
1:1.5 on all but the last. the last is 1:1
6/15/07 4:31:19PM
u have to bet at least 3:1 if ur taking miller over wang and u have to bet at least 2:1 if ur taking maynard over emerson or the site wont process the wager
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