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6/10/10 7:40:39AM
Normally I refrain from doing these, but this one time since I'm quite confident let's see if there are any takers:
TUF Final. I take my man Kris McCray, you take Court McGee. Lasts until UFC 116, which is 2 weeks. Usual other rules/disclaimers apply (nothing gay, nothing in violation of site rules, must be regular poster as determined by me, and so on).
Who wants some courtesy of my man SAVAGE! I did pick him to go all the way, of course!
6/10/10 8:37:47AM
I'd be all over this if I didn't already have one locked in for this weekend. If I win (I'm pretty confident that I will) and no one else has taken your bet, I'll take it.

McCray has been rather unimpressive to me. I think Court will work him over.
6/10/10 5:28:08PM
I get Court McGee? My AV bet ends on the TUF Finale, consider yourself taken on this bet.
6/10/10 6:41:18PM
You got it. Hopefully the Court will be adjourned in SAVAGE fashion.
6/10/10 7:26:07PM
I guess we haven't been watching the same season of TUF. McGee has looked better and better every time. McCray has pretty much looked the same.
6/10/10 7:45:15PM
I think I am going to give you something Lady Gaga'ish
6/16/10 7:36:16PM
Anybody else wanna take Court McGee?
6/20/10 3:23:17AM
Sort of glad you got out of that bet, aren't you, jjeans?

6/20/10 9:23:07AM
Yeah yeah, whatever. Damn TUF Finales always kill me on picks.
6/20/10 5:13:48PM
It happens
6/20/10 5:36:51PM
To quote the late great Gorilla Monsoon, "Will you stop..."
6/20/10 5:44:33PM
hrm, okay
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