tuf 9 finale

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3/21/09 9:47:20PM
Damn this finale is looking awesome!

Anthony Johnsons is gonna fight Tamden McCrory on it now as well....they must not be looking to bring in much of the cast cause its filling up quick
3/21/09 10:52:35PM
ive heard clay guida vs diego sanchez
3/21/09 10:53:46PM
Johnson vs McCrory?

Where are you hearing this? I dont see it on weekly,mania or junkie.

Anyways I dont really like that matchup, johnson by tko.
3/21/09 11:19:44PM
i haven't heard this fight yet,

3/22/09 12:39:15AM
guida vs sanchez
stevenson vs diaz
as well..

i saw the mccrory vs johnson fight on aroundtheoactagon, and also talked to aj who said it looks like that will be his next fight and is just waiting to sign for it.

i dont want to see either or those guys lose though..i like em both. Johnson will probably score another pretty good ko.
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