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6/18/08 11:42:27PM
Anybody know the official attendance of this event? I just got through watching my season 2 boxset and im watching the finale while ill fall asleep, but i cant help notice how small the place where its being held is. I know the ufcs popularity wasnt as big back then, but seriously, it doesn't even look like theres 1000 people there.
6/19/08 12:45:35AM
1,100 to 2,400 depending on the event.
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6/19/08 2:58:35AM
I don't understand why though. I know the season wasn't all that great, but the main event for the finale was Nick Diaz vs. Diego Sanchez and that was a sick back and forth close fight!!!! A shame...

Probably around 600-700 people.
6/19/08 9:48:47AM
TUF did not have a real big fan base yet.
6/19/08 10:06:17AM
is that the hard rock is it? yeah i always thought that place was oddly small for such big ufc events, they could have sold more tickets im sure, that main event was quality!!!
6/19/08 2:33:47PM
the Palms unless they where at the hard rock back then I dont remember, if they where at the hard rock then disregard my firs post.
6/19/08 3:00:43PM
Yeh it was the the hard rock casino i think. But it still seemed tiny.
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