TUF Fighters To Pay Damages, TUF Season 8

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7/14/08 9:20:52PM
This time around if fighters break stuff at the house, they're paying for it.

7/14/08 9:54:57PM
theres no way there not gonna break anything. even forrest broke the door down at the gym. 70k worth of damages man. that place must have been a s***hole by the end of it
7/14/08 10:04:31PM
Dana said that the fighters are never encouraged to destroy the house, give me a break. It's what the producers want to happen every season because it makes supposedly interesting television. Plus Amir mentioned in his blog that they were basically told that it was okay to destroy the house. It'll happen this next season just like it always does.
7/14/08 10:06:22PM
then I don't know what the producers are going to plan to gain ratings drama-wise because from the coaches I think there isn't going to be much going on since Nog and Mir seems like they're too serious and don't like that kind of stuff. That's from my point of view.
7/14/08 10:19:20PM
Housebreaking will continue, but maybe this will reduce how much we see of it.

Then again, it may do nothing.
7/14/08 10:29:45PM
they are guests they shouldn't be breaking anything in someone's elses house
7/14/08 10:35:35PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

they are guests they shouldn't be breaking anything in someone's elses house

I had to give you props for that one!
7/14/08 11:05:46PM
They'll just make a pact that which ever 2 get the contracts they'll split the bill... LET THE THRASHING BEGIN!!!
7/14/08 11:11:15PM

Posted by luke420187

This time around if fighters break stuff at the house, they're paying for it.


kind of weird it always seems like that was a part of the show, and they almost encouraged it, it must be because of the Jesse Taylor situation or something, bad image of something
7/15/08 12:19:35AM
I like the idea. I am sick of watching them all get drunk and beat shit down each season. I know there will still be a few assholes who do it but at least this makes the UFC look better.
7/15/08 1:36:12AM

the best part in any TUF season is Leben playing Football against the wall

Damaging the house is one of the great parts about the show, but I guess the reason why Dana is doing this is because he wants MMA Fighters to look more professional, instead of looking like goons trashing a house. It doesn't set the right image for the sport.

I say im up for it, but I will bet someone has to pay something.
7/15/08 4:51:51AM
What kind of world are we living in where a guy cant put his head through a wall without getting a in trouble.....geez
7/15/08 6:40:36AM
It cool if they want to give the sport a better image, but they'd better provide them with some other sort of entertainment. The only reason they do that is because they go stir crazy in that place.
7/15/08 9:39:49AM
I don't see a problem with hanging out, having a few drinks and having some fun. Even the typical food fights I think are alright. Messing with someone's mattress or bed is not such a problem either. Those things don't hurt anyone and don't do any damage to the house. The guys are bored so they are going to be creative to entertain themselves. Making a mess is one thing, and not such a big deal.

Breaking things and destroying the house is definitely not cool. Doing that stuff to any property that does not belong to you is wrong. Outside the house that would be called vandalism and it is a crime.

As for the joking around, making a mess, and playing pranks that I don't think are a problem. Anything involving bodily fluids or poop is just disgusting. Hopefully we never see stuff like pissing in someone's bed or doing an upper decker ever again. Anyone who does that or anything like it deserves an ass beating and should be sent home.
7/15/08 11:03:46AM
It's about time. They make such a big deal about improving the image of the fighters and then let them trash the house. Stupid
7/15/08 1:06:01PM
I could not believe the destruction to the last house that was just rediculous.....If that were me i would just feel bad about destoying someone elses property you know someone has got to pay for it.....
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