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8/14/08 1:42:02PM
Similar posts have been made, but i figured with the new season coming up and this years events. there needed to be a refresher....Who is your top 3 best (not favorite) fighters to come out of the show?....this could be winners or particpants...leave out season 4...and also pick who you think has the most potential (this one is more geared to recent seasons)

1. Forrest Griffin.....this one is probably the most obvious one of the group....a year ago i might not even had put him in the top 5 in this category...but now, hes the first to win the belt (not including season 4)....his last five fights pretty impressive resume actually...tito- which you could go either way on that decison, i personally think he won, but im a tito hater....bonnar 2 - a lot of people thought it was boring cuz of the first fight, but this was a good one and bonnar is a good legit lhw, quality win.....jardine - he was handing jardine his ass till he got knocked out, but thats the way it goes.....shogun - were did this win come from?....rampage - opionon could go either way, but i scored it his victory and he looked impressive as well

2. Josh Koschek ....he's a complete fighter now, great wrestling great standup, stays out of submissions and is athletic...he'll be fighting for a title soon..and i think with the loss of fitch he moves from 3 to 2 in the world on my rankings....plus, hes the only one that gsp has faced that hasnt got his ass kicked by him

3. Diego Sanchez/Kenny Florian.....i know i picked all season 1 guys, but thats the way it goes i suppose...sanchez will get a title shot in the near future i imagine, and hes beat top notch fighters along the way..great ground and amazingly improved standup.....same goes for florian, there's a reason why he's rated number 1 contender now

honorable mention: leben, stevenson, evans, jardine, davis, bonnar, bisping, swick

Most Potential: I would danzig, but he was pretty established before the tuf show, so im going with diaz...amazing submissions and effective boxing

honorable mention: gamburyan (even with the ko) sotoropolus, sadollah, maynard, lauzon, dolloway, jeremy may (just kiddin')

8/14/08 1:55:01PM
i would agree that forest has had the most sucess but id say stevenson is up there he fought for the title. but i really think with some time just a little bit more kos will have the best carrer he gets better and better everytime(and i dont even really like him)
8/14/08 10:39:18PM
Forrest comes to mind first, probably because he was in arguably the most important fight in UFC history, and is now the Champ. I think Stevenson is up there. Florian is overlooked, but has had a title shot, and has racked up some impressive wins in his UFC career thus far. Rich Clementi is building his stock, as well as Gray Maynard. Swick and Bisping are up and comers in their new weight class. Sanchez and Kos are right there with them all, and are having solid careers post TUF. Rashad can make a huge statement on this topic with a victory over Liddell. Just my two cents.
8/14/08 10:46:09PM
Forrest is easily number 1. No explanation really is needed.

Next, I'd go Kenny Florian. Minus the guys from TUF 4, I think he was the first TUFer to get a title shot. He lost to Sherk, yes, but he is arguably number 2 in the LW division right now. He shows how strict training can turn a one dimensional BJJ fighter into a fighter with serious stand up, that ALWAYS has to be accounted for in his fights. Of course, Mark DellaGrotte in your corner helps too, but that just shows the importance of picking a good trainer.

Third, although it pains me to say, is probably Michael Bisping. The UFC is riding on his back to try to open up the international (specifically, British) market of casual fans. You have a guy who loves to stand and bang. He may not be the most well received fighter here, but he brings in the Euros. And lets face it, it's all downhill for the dollar, so those euros are important.
8/16/08 6:46:31PM
Quarry got the first title fight, i have it

1 Griffin
2 koscheck
3 Sanchez
4 Florian
5 Evans
6 Stevenson
7 Jardine
8 Bisping
9 Leben
10 Swick

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