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12/2/08 6:47:02AM
Months after being forced off TUF 8 due to a nose injury that drew a medical suspension, Karn Grigoryan returned to action this past weekend in a big way. He KO'd previously unbeaten BJJ Black Belt Daniel Rial in just over a minute, a win Grigoryan and trainer Gabriel Gonzaga hope earns him another shot in UFC.

12/2/08 10:34:39AM
12/2/08 3:34:57PM
with what i saw on tuf, i can't believe someone actually got ko'd by his stand up.
12/2/08 6:36:02PM
I know Karn from the gym, and I don't think his fight on TUF was an accurate portrayel of his skill. Partially I think this was due to him not having fought in quite some time, and maybe a little bit of nerves.

He's very raw, but he's constantly improving. Karn has some really heavy hands, ridiculous strength(especially in his grip) and a ton of heart. He actually has a background in Judo and Karate, but he's been training for a while now with Marco Alvan and Gabriel...I think maybe two years. He has a ways to go, but he has a bright future. If he gets added to the TUF finale I wouldn't be surprised if he fought at 185.

12/19/08 9:59:16PM
Awesome news
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