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7/5/07 10:42:01PM
This is not including the TUF 4 The Comeback Fighters, because they have already fought in the UFC. And were granted a title shot if they won the show.

Im going to give by opinions by season and by weight class seperate

Season 1-Josh Koscheck
Season 2-Joe Steveson
Season 3-Michael Bisping
Season 5-Gray Maynard

Heavyweight-Tom Murphy
Light Heavy Weight-Michael Bisping
Middle Weight-Kendall Grove
Welter Weight-Marcus Davis
Light Weight-Joe Steveson

Season 1
Forrest Griffin
Stephan Bonnar
Mick Swick
Diego Sanchez
Josh Koscheck
Kenny Florian
Nate Quarry
Chris Leben

Season 2
Joe Steveson
Luke Cummo
Josh Burkman
Jason Von Flue
Sammy Morgan
Marcus Davis
Jorge Gurgel
Melvin Guillard
Dan Christison
Rob Macdonald
Tom Murphy
Keith Jardine
Seth Petruzelli
Rashad Evans
Brad Imes
Anthony Torres

Season 3
Kendall Grove
Rory Singer
Danny Abbadi
Kalib Starnes
Solomon Hutcherson
Ed Herman
Ross Pointon
Michael Bisping
Josh Haynes
Matt Hamill
Mike Nickels
Jesse Forbes
Kristian Rothaermel

Season 5
Gray Maynard
Matt Wiman
Joe Lauzon
Rob Emerson
Andy Wang
Allen Berube
Corey Hill
Nate Diaz
Brandon Melendez
Manuel Gamburyan
Cole Miller
Brian Geraghty
7/5/07 10:44:58PM
Joe Lauzon.
7/5/07 11:19:13PM
Best chances to win.
LW- Joe Stevenson
WW- Josh Koscheck
MW- Kalib Starnes
LHW- Rashad Evans
HW- None

Most likely to win it the quickest. Rashad if he gets past Tito he is a fight away from a title shot. Next most likely Joe Stevenson he is near the top and amazing on the ground. Stevenson vs. Sherk would be sweet.
7/5/07 11:44:53PM
oh yes stevenson vs sherk would be crazy two huge 155ers going at it. I am thinking we are going to see that fight soon.
7/6/07 12:16:44AM
Lightweight-Joe Stevenson
Welterweight-Josh Koscheck or Diego Sanchez
Middleweight-Kendall Grove
Light Heavyweight-Rashad Evans or Michael Bisping.
Heavyweight-TUF Heavyweights=
7/6/07 12:19:31AM
Lightweight-Joe Lauzon
Welterweight-Josh Koscheck
Middleweight-Kendall Grove
Light Heavyweight- Hamell (thats right i went there.)
Heavyweight- No one.
7/6/07 12:25:06AM
i agree with most of your guys picks but are you really serious about kendal grove
7/6/07 12:26:40AM
Who else at middle weight for TUF will win it? lol
7/6/07 12:33:29AM
ok i get that point.
7/6/07 12:43:15AM
It should be Stevenson.
7/6/07 3:30:08AM
Lol I know this is gona sound bad but I don't see anyone winning it besides maybe Rashad and Kosh in like 3-4 years.
7/6/07 7:22:26AM
For some reason you missed Weems out of the TUF5 list!! (I think I have more chance, bless him).

Bisping - even as a deluded, patriotic Brit I know he has no chance at LHW......BUT if he drops to MW then maybe, just maybe!

Gamburyan - very unlucky to lose and, subject to injury, will not be too far away from really mixing up the 155ers, I think.

A few of the others can make it to the top 5 (Kos, Lauzon, Davis, Grove) but can't see any future champs.

There are a few gatekeepers in those lists.
7/6/07 10:34:32AM
Joe Stevenson is the only TUF participant that has a fighting chance at winning a title right now IMO.

Time will tell on the other guys.

7/6/07 1:54:57PM
KenFlo, Joe Daddy, Nate Quarry (When He Returns), Forrest Griffin, Nate Diaz, Matt Hamill, Corey Hill, Michael Bisping, Rashad Evans, Deigo Sanchez, Josh Koscheck are all possibilities to actually work their way to get a title shot, I am not saying that these men are gonig to win the title, but I am saying they have chances to actually FIGHT for the title.

But if I have to say what TUF Fighter WILL be the first to win the title, I honestly think KenFlo will be the first to win a title out of this. I think if he beats Alvin Robinson he should fight Kurt Pelligringo/Joe Stevenson winner and whoever wins that fights Sherk/Franca/Penn.

So I think Stevenson or KenFlo right now have the best shot at winning the title because they are in a division where there is talent, but not enough mainstream talent.

I think if Nate Quarry returns 100% what can stop him from getting another title shot at Rich (when he beats Silva/Marquardt), that is possibily the weakest division in all of the UFC. This kid has shown that he is possibly one of thebest fighters at this weight, and maybe he could redeem himself from that horrible knockout that he suffered from Rich.

Forrest Griffin is a huge fan favorite (I dont think I needed to tell you that) and I can see if he wins one or two more fights he will be right there and if Chuck Liddell is the Champion or even Henderson is the champion by the time Forrest gets up there, then Forrest would have a chance considering Henderson and Liddell are more of the stand up and bang type of fighters

But those are possibilities to get a SHOT at the TITLE not necessary win the Title, but to fight.
My money is on KenFLo.
7/6/07 1:59:31PM
Stevenson and hamill
7/6/07 2:07:13PM
Maynard(he'll be a beast just wait and see), Stevenson, Grove, Davis, or Lazoun.
7/6/07 2:42:14PM
Stevenson, Bisping, Evans...

Not to mention Serra ALREADY HAS won a belt, but your probably talking about recent TUF fighters.
7/6/07 3:06:03PM
i dont like him at all, but koscheck is my choice here. i can see the joe daddy picks too, but i think if hes in there with sherk its basically a couple of guys whose styles are the same, and sherk is more experienced and physically stronger so i dont see joe beating him(that is assuming sherk gets past franca which is no easy task). koschecks wrestling makes him a guy that can win decision after decision based on takedowns in the 10 pt must system, but had diego beaten him hed be my choice.
7/6/07 7:29:09PM
joe stevenson he should be the next contender after the fight tomorrow
7/6/07 9:22:50PM
Season 1 fighter's - Kos, Sanchez, Swick , and Forrest have all been mentioned as possible contenders at one time or another, and have some modicum of success. Florian and Quarry have fought for one. Kos is the closest from all seasons right now, but he has to beat GSP and the winner of Hughes/Serra to get there.

Season 2 - Stevenson, Rashad, Jardine, Burkman., Melvin,Cummo and Davis have all showed some skill. Melvin is raw, and suspended. Burkman and Cummo are gatekeeper types to me, and I would like them to fight each other. Davis needs a step up in competition to see how much he has progressed. Rashad probably has to beat Tito , another top 10 guy, and the champ to make it.I think Rashad will lose and have to work his way back up, but will be a champ someday. Stevenson is the closest I think, unless BJ goes back to LW. He might be able to beat the winner of SherkFranca.

Season 3 - Grove, Bisping, Hammil, and Herman have all showed promise as well.
I think Bisping should move to 185 and fight Grove. We will have a better read son Hammil after he fights Bisping , but is still years away from recognizing how good he can be to me. I think Herman will be a gatekeeper . I think this season had the least talent.

Season 4- Serra and Lutter have both got shots, and both did well. Serra's champ, but I don't think he will be for long. I also think he will retire soon after he loses the belt. Lutter can be a gatekeeper.

Season 5- Maynard, Hill, and Gamburyan might have the stuff but it's till really early to tell. if Manny can avoid injury i could see him challenging Faber at 145 quickly. Maynard and Hill are still really raw to me, and I think a couple of yeears away from contention. Diaz and Miller are both too thin to be more than exciting gatekkeepers a155 to me. Maybe they will buff up.
I thin k the best bet overall to be a champ first ( besides Serra obviously) is Stevenson
7/6/07 9:34:52PM

Manuel Gamburyan, Joe Lauzon, and maybe Nick Diaz. I also think Sanchez isn't down for the count yet, and Stevenson can play it up too.
7/6/07 10:29:07PM
season 1-Josh Koscheck
season 2-Joe Stevenson
season 3-Kendall Grove
season 5-Joe Lauzon
7/7/07 5:33:31PM
Hey guys:

It's hard enough to stay away from fighter bashing on these type of threads. Try not to lay into each other. People are going to like who they're going to like.
7/7/07 5:59:19PM
I'm gonna go with Rashad or Bisping. Depends on which one gets a title shot first and if Shad fights Rampage or someone else.

I don't know if you really consider Serra a TUFer considering he fought A-Level competition IN UFC before coming to the show.
7/7/07 8:40:05PM
i think koscheck.

bisping will never hold the belt, has sloppy striking and wrestling, decent submissions and very goo gnp.

Rashad-Tonite we will see what he really has, on ability id say he has a chance.

Stevenson-is in contention curently, matches up very badly with sherk...could do ok with hermes if he wins.

kendal- i really like his improvement originally i thought kalib was the best prospect from tuf 3 period. but after a few more fighs kendal has me sold, he will be a top 10 guy at 155, but title? not for a while.
7/11/07 12:25:09PM
It's gunna be Bisping(If he improves his ground game), Koscheck(if he beats GSP), Rashad(if he beats Tito), or Grove(if he improvees stand-up)
7/11/07 3:41:16PM
That is alot of IF's

I think Bisping could make 185 and he would have a better shot at winning a belt
7/11/07 4:58:29PM
Lightweight - Kenny Florian
Welterweight - none are close
Middleweight - none are close
Light Heavyweight - none are close
Heavyweight - none are close

I think the Tuffers that might improve are Joe Stevenson and Kendal Grove. That's it.
7/11/07 5:33:36PM

Posted by nubby

Lightweight - Kenny Florian

He had his chance and failed. I don''t think his improved stand-up game would help him beat Sherk at this time.
7/11/07 5:47:40PM
sera holds that title already
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