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3/8/12 4:44:07PM
I realize that there is already a side game for this, but I wanted to throw this out there. I put together a spreadsheet and side game for my own camp and just thought i would open it up to 8 more potential people. It wont hurt my feelings if no ones interested because right now its 2 out of 6 of my camp members.

I have it structured like this:

Pick 5 of the 32 contestants that you predict will progress the furthest and PM those to me or post them here if you don't care about who sees them.

Fighters will accumulate points as they progress in this manner. 2 points will be awarded for TKO / KO or Sub win, and 1 point for decision win. Team with the most accumulated points wins after the Finale.

This is a trial run and I I'm sure the rules will be tweaked after this season.

I can email you my spreadsheet if want to see how I'm tacking it or if you want use it for your own camp cuz "sharing is caring":

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3/8/12 4:53:06PM
I'm in. Fighters listed below:

Dakota Cochrane
Jordan Rinaldi
Chase Hackett
Myles Jury
Joe Proctor
3/8/12 5:28:30PM
I'm In:
John Cofer
Myles Jury
Vinc Pickel
Jeff Smith
Chris Tickle
3/8/12 6:25:59PM
I'll play

Austin Lyons
Myles Jury
Jordan Rinaldi
Jeremy Larsen
Dakota Cochrane
3/8/12 6:57:25PM
Excellent! I will get them entered and post an updates to everyones picks this eve. Good luck all!
3/9/12 2:43:10PM
Lets get it on! Good luck all
3/9/12 11:48:27PM
scores updated and good game so far. Props go to outlaw!

I already realize because several of us had our chosen fighters face off tonight that 5 picks is probably too few. So next season i would say pick 5 on the first episode and 5 immediately after. (or 4 and 4)

IF everyone was in agreement we could pick 3 more now. But I completely understand if we just move on and suggest new format based on this season.

Thanks for any suggestions as well.

3/10/12 9:30:44PM
lol 3 of my 5 fighters were knocked out. oh well

I'm game to pick 3 more, or even replace 2 fighters (and only gain points from this point forward for said fighter). just so I have more than 2 fighters left who, with my luck, will face off early on lol
3/18/12 1:42:34AM
Sorry didn't get to watch last night episode till this eve. Scores unchanged but will keep updating them weekly.
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