TUF 6 espisode 1 *SPOILER* fighters but not fight result

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9/14/07 2:59:24PM
who do you like danzig (hughes) or scarola (serra), im rooting for danzig and team hughes. despite my rooting interest danzig has the edge anyhow because of his experience, from the looks of it he isnt giving up too much size either.
9/14/07 7:44:07PM
Tommy Speer is better if you ask me he is good all around he can box he can kickbox and he can wrestle
9/15/07 2:01:13PM
I have watched every episode of every season, but I am still undecided whether or not I am going to watch this season. I am not a big fan of either Hughes or Serra when thier not in the cage. Both of them are arrogant, but whatever gets the viewers right.

And by the looks of the previews, the guys go stupider than last time. I have lived in a lot worse places for longer and never acted like a complete loser, these guys are just trying to get attention and screen time.
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