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9/23/11 5:00:18PM
Anyone notice that Brimmage took control of the fight by landing a blatantly illegal knee to Bryson's face that wasn't called? He was obviously rocked by it and it led to about a solid minute of him getting punched in the face leading up to the end of the round.

Bad reffing by mazzagatti IMO, and up until he rocked him with an illegal shot Brimmage was getting dominated pretty badly.

Of course that knee wasn't shown in the little highlight reel that they always do of the fight. Big Surprise there.

edit -
Here's a video of it. The knee happens with about 1:30 remaining in the first round, or 3:35 into the video. It's pretty blatant, it practically lifts him up off of the ground. I feel really bad for the guy, because he was completely dominating the fight up to that point, and he clearly was out of it after the knee landed. Another fighter falls victim to the terrible, terrible officiating of MMA.

Brimmage vs Hansen
9/23/11 6:02:59PM
wish i had dvr'd it. was so busy doing schoolwork, i couldnt pay that close attention
9/23/11 6:32:32PM
Yes! I'm glad someone brought it up, because I was thinking that this guy probably went home and told his friends and family that he was robbed but couldn't prove it until Wednesday night. I didn't rewind it or anything, but it certainly looked illegal in real time.
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