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4/17/08 1:24:25PM

Does anyone have a link for last nights episode of TUF 7.

Living in the UK I havent had chance to watch it yet.

Please dont reveal any details of the episode but a link to the episode would be very much appreciated.
4/17/08 1:53:48PM
I believe it's available (or will be) on iTunes...but you have to purchase it.
4/17/08 2:13:21PM
It is available on iTunes, although no guarantee it's available beyond the US Store (you must be in the US to download it). Cost-wise, it's $1.99 per episode or you can get a season pass (all episodes this season) for $25. I'm buying them individually, a pass only saves about 80 cents. Upside is no commercials. Downside, for me at least, is the last couple episodes won't play on my iPod (I can watch them on my PC though).
4/17/08 8:35:26PM
Here's the second episode

Episode 2
4/17/08 10:49:52PM
Here's the download link for Episode 3...

4/18/08 10:59:56AM
Thanks mate.
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