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4/2/09 1:02:20AM
Who else was impressed with the fights tonight?
The Brits look like they have a steady team on their side.
Also I surprised Che Mills did not make the team. I was looking foward to him ifghting for he UFC.
Oh well that is the ups and down of the sport.Anyonr can win at any given time.
4/2/09 9:51:12AM
I was impressed with the British fighters as well. I didn't think they'd stand much chance against the "Yanks" this season but it looks like it might actually be pretty competitive, especially because next week it looks like the US gets off to a bad start. Only time will tell.
4/2/09 10:43:26AM
"ive never fought a ginger before so im looking forward to that" had me cracking up
che mills was way overconfident, and a huge disappointment
dean amasinger is the type of guy that excels on TUF, he has some natural ability but needs to be coached, i can see him doing very well. also, alex reid needs to worry more about fighting than showboating. did he really think he won that fight by being on his back for the whole 3rd round????
4/2/09 10:47:00AM
i was suprised che didn't make the day
some fighters did look good
but alex reid made a butt of himself and he is a vet i was suprised he didn't make it either

i'll be curious to see if ufc vet jason dent makes the us squad
4/2/09 11:00:27AM
I am looking forward to watching Hendo. I ordered my Team Hendo USA shirt last night!

I am also looking forward to getting a lot of reading in. Damn subtitles. My wife kept yelling at me, as I turned the volume up trying to understand the Brits.
4/2/09 12:27:55PM
I was really impressed by the brits and think U.S. is gonna have a hard time dealing with them. Gotta route for the home team but if they act like junie or some of the other characters from the last few season I'm gonna have to say the brits will steal championship.
4/2/09 1:21:37PM
All i know is the Americans are going to have some tough competition. Especially as disappointed Dana looked with them.

Then again, it's TUF. you never know.
4/2/09 1:38:18PM
No lie, a few of those Brits amazed the hell out of me. I hope them "yanks" can find some solid fighters cause they will defiantly be needing it.

I just cant wait to see how Hendo reacts to his team. Good season incoming.
4/2/09 2:45:17PM
i was pretty upset with che i thought he was going to win his division.

lawson,Winner and pearson where really good. also that guy who trains with bisping who won with he heel hook looks good. USA is going to have a real hard time especially at LW, with Pearson,Lawson and winner.

i was hoping that ginger would make it =) reminded me of jack Osbourne
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