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6/24/07 2:33:12PM
can someone tell me how in the HELL did Andy Wang make the lineup for a Saturday night big deal Las Vegas fight night?!!!???

more stand up, never saw a take down, then WHINE cause he gets his bell rung....
6/24/07 9:34:53PM
After that Strikeforce EliteXC card, the TUF finale was short of a snoozefest.
6/25/07 4:16:30AM
i thought it was a shiest move of bj to not let go of jens when he tapped

sucks about mannys shoulder i think he was gonna win a decision but other then that great fight night
6/25/07 3:56:22PM
To be honest, despite BJ hanging on with the choke for a couple more seconds, I think Jens and BJ had a good talk before the taping of TUF 5. I think they put on a big show for ratings, money, and attention. There was way too much love at the end of their fight. Besides their actual fight, those guys were in cahoots the whole time.
7/6/07 4:22:40PM
Joe did an article at the start of this month here.

Some tidbits:

-He thought Gray was stunned and then too tired to jump right back up.
-Notes that Diaz was pissed he didn't get no car for winning.
-Thought Manny would manhandle Diaz for the win.
-Notes the nice elbow he landed on top of Brandon's head.
-Is very glad he did the show for the friendships and exposure.

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