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5/2/09 10:08:52PM
Just wondering if anyone is following this season of the ultimate fighter. So far the new theme has been a bit refreshing. Team UK seems more focused than team US. All the prelimanary fights have been good. Plus the three actuall UK vs US fights have been good two.

any thoughts please discuss.
5/3/09 2:46:46AM
Ive really enjoyed this season. At the minute Team UK is definately coming across better then Team US.

The first UK v US was very exciting, but the next 2 fights were easy wins. Another 2 fights next week, cant wait.
5/3/09 10:25:23PM
Watched all the episodes and Team USA coming across as a bunch of immature strung out babies. I understand its not really a team concept as you are fighting for yourself, but the whole macho " dont talk to me" " ill fight you right now" type of BS is annoying. Hendo seems as someone who wont put up with that BS but is too quiet to really make a statement like a Hughes or a Serra would. Interesting to see how this season goes and what really happened with Bisping
5/4/09 12:30:10AM
best season so far... the UK vs US rivalry makes it a whole lot more interesting. You can really tell to the coaches (Bisping especially) are really getting into it as well.
5/4/09 2:59:35AM
I'm enjoying it so far, but the more i hear Bisping talk **** the more i want to see Hendo crush him.
5/4/09 3:08:02AM
I think if TUF was a UK series and this was the first chance for the US to represent their country and travel to London to do the filming they'd definitely look like more of a team and be more patriotic.

It seems they're treating it as TUF 1-8 and the UK guys are embracing the team concept.

How are they going to do the finals if the semifinals have 3 UK and 1 US, for instance, in one of the weight classes though. Have they said anything about that yet ?
5/4/09 3:23:31AM
I would assume that 2 Uk fighters would have to face each other surely? However nothing has been mentioned that i know of.
5/4/09 3:46:54AM
US v UK is more of the first round concept. SF will depend on who makes it through. If there was 2 each i wouldnt be surprised in the SF if you had UK v UK ans US v US to guarantee a UK v US final.
5/4/09 5:31:02PM

Posted by MMAcca

I'm enjoying it so far, but the more i hear Bisping talk **** the more i want to see Hendo crush him.

me too but i must admit he makes for great tv, the personalities on this season have been good so far but if you ask me the talent level hasn't been great from what i've seen, winner pearson and johnson are the only three who have really impressed me so far, but there is still a ton more fights to go so i could be jumping the gun.
5/5/09 2:13:58PM
A lot of focus seems to have been on getting 'bigger' personalities into the house this season (at least on the UK team) and a couple of the best fighters in Europe (Jim Wallhead and Abdul Mohammed) have missed out on getting into the house as a result.

I have still enjoyed the season so far
5/5/09 2:27:28PM
Im enjoying it. I quite like how the UK team arent really being patriotic like the US team, but there still more of a team. I wish Johnson wasnt the US teams best guy though, becouse I really cant stand the guy. He just seems to be acting like a douche to everybody. He says theres no teams, but how would he train and learn while he was on the show if he didnt have people to practice and spare with?

Im not sure how I like Bispings showing. I mean, obviously the whole thing with Dean was just poor form. Theres no exuse. But he seems like hes a top notch coach, coming up with good gameplans, and hes really getting inside the US fighters heads.
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