TUF 9 Debut Draws 1.8 Million Viewers

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4/3/09 2:04:33PM
Spike TV has announced that the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 9 this past Wednesday drew a total of 1.8 million viewers. This makes it the highest-rated premiere for the show since season 5 and the top-rated key men 18-49 demo premiere since season 4.

4/3/09 2:16:34PM
I just watched it last night, it was really good. A lot of finishes which is what I like.
4/3/09 2:25:26PM
Same here, I downloaded it from iTunes once it was available. Good opener, some of the outcomes surprised me, and a nice tribute screen for "Mask" at the end before the credits.

Just read that the actual rating for the show (not total viewers) was 1.34. UFN 18 did a 1.36, so TUF held on to about 83% of it's lead-in.
4/3/09 4:40:09PM
Glad to see it got so many people, it's starting off pretty well, hopefully the whole season is as good as episode one.
4/3/09 5:55:29PM
Loved how the Brits utilized leglocks.
4/3/09 10:04:25PM
The UK didnt look to bad. Hope the US comes ready to rumble.
4/4/09 1:16:43AM
the US is going to have their hands full with that UK team, those guys fought like they were hungry, and in the promo the US team was having trouble even making weight.
4/4/09 1:48:23AM
Pretty solid bunch of fights to start the season. We'll see if they can carry it through out the season.
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