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10/13/08 7:46:33PM
there has been alot of talk about the contract. to my knowledge, it is a 6 figure (100k) contract. and i think (correct me if im wrong) it started out as a 9 fight contract included in the money. but when they say "6 figure" is that per fight? or for the number of fights included on the contract like the 9 fights. for example if its 100k for 9 fights that SUCKS!! Forrest Griffin has fought 8 times in the ufc, so if thats true that means he still makes what the original ultimate fighter contract was set for. just think a guy who fought and won the LHW title and will defend it, all for the same price as his very first fight in the ufc. (once again if thats true thats bullshit!) and the contract is not even guaranteed.

just wondering if anyone knows all the info on it and what everyone thinks.

personally i think its kind of a scam. and i think that the more the sport grows and gets more talent, you will see more guys do what Brandon Vera did, and not even go on the show. mainly becuase they dont need it.
10/13/08 11:06:16PM
Fairly informative, lots of opinion.
Sherdog article on TUF contracts.

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