TUF 10 Possible Contestants?

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5/31/09 4:05:37PM
Some possible Heavyweight Contestants for upcommong TUF:

Dave Herman
Jim York
Kelan Fluckinger
Phil Davis

(If they can get Kimbo and Lashley, then this season would be much watch TV)

What do you think?
5/31/09 7:12:46PM
Brendan Schaub

4 1st rd TKOs

He is the man coming out of ROF
5/31/09 9:05:12PM
Lashely is fighting at the end of June so he is definitely not in...Kimbo just got out of the strikeforce contract and made it sound like he was headed over to boxing...mma has too many aspects for him to train for...
6/1/09 9:43:45AM
marcus jones maybe
i will be curious now that todd duffee is out of fight with al turk they might put him in tuf 10

anyway i am glad it is all heavyweights, hopefully it is big boys who can't cut down to 205 ala evans
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