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2/13/09 1:37:59PM
Get ready for Junie Browning Round 2...Robert Browning, Junie's younger brother, has reportedly made it to the "elimination round" that knocks the 16 US contenders down to the 8 that get into the house.


(Link contains no fight spoilers, the fight has already happened)
2/13/09 1:44:21PM
I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming right away once I learned Junie had a little brother
2/13/09 2:57:22PM

robert is listed at 146lbs for his weight and no pro mma fights. Lets see how he does.
2/13/09 3:28:59PM
Just as ugly as his brother lol.
2/13/09 4:15:00PM
He looks like a clown to me.
2/13/09 4:29:29PM
hopefully he doesnt make it into the house.
2/14/09 12:51:55AM
Junie should have been cut from the UFC. He shouldn't even have made it through the show, guys have been kicked off for less.
2/14/09 1:02:47AM
Man it really pisses me off to see that. Dana ought to be ashamed. Junie was 10x worse than Jesse Taylor was in his season, yet Junie got total favourite treatment and was allowed to stay on in the show and given a contract. Now Dana puts his brother in who seems to have the exact same personality and is going to cause the same problems. Its just plain stupid to even think about putting Rob in, not to mention the fact his records 1-0, surely they could of found dozens of more talented fighters without to much difficulty. I guess I hope he makes it through the opening round though, give me a little more satisfaction to see a homer beating the pulp out of him.
2/14/09 5:56:49PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars


robert is listed at 146lbs for his weight and no pro mma fights. Lets see how he does.

Then shouldn't that DQ him right away? I thought I read somewhere that contestants now had to have at least 3 pro fights before trying out for the show. Or is that starting with season 10?
2/15/09 1:16:19PM
The guy in that clip he fought looked terrified. I pity him. Still style will never beat true substance. I would like to see Junie JR. fight anyone trained , and not so nervous he could barely move, before I make any judgments about his abilty .
2/17/09 4:28:04PM
haha what a dork!
2/20/09 2:02:27PM
Not gonna judge him based onhis brother's actions. I'll wait for the show. Maybe their the new Diaz's.
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